Now you can use a Mobile device (PDA) to manage the care of community and facility based patients.

LifeGuard Intuito®

A Comprehensive Mobile Health Care Management System

Providing in-home care presents a number of challenges for the community care practice, such as inaccurate reporting, duplicated and missing patient information, all of which may inhibit the effectiveness of health care services. To address these challenges, INS has developed a unique remote telemedicine, care practice and personal response tool known as LifeGuard Intuito®.

LifeGuard Intuito® is capable of monitoring and assisting in managing the health of in-home or facility-based patients using a smart phone or tablet, and various wireless sensors to capture data and instantly transmit back to the office or treating medical practitioner. For the practitioner or service provider, this mobile eHealth management system also enables delivery of rosters to Community Care workers on a mobile device allowing them to view and record progress notes, forms, wound care photos and clinical measurements, achieving a comprehensive electronic patient record.

Moreover, LifeGuard Intuito® supports the Community Care practice's duty of care to staff by providing Mobile Personal Alarm functionality. For Care Coordinators, it provides a staff location function to assist in work allocation as well as access to web-based electronic time sheets and various business reports.

Challenges in Community CareLifeGuard Intuito® Solutions
Manually recording attendance, clinical data, wound photos, handwritten notes and forms - multiple paper records, information may be duplicated or missing LifeGuard Intuito® allows workers to access and update records electronically, enabling the sharing of real-time, up-to-date information between workers, the office and the treating physicians.
Lack of accurate, legible recording of clinical measurements available in real time to all members of the care team including the GP. A wide range of medical devices (BP, BSL, ECG, Weight, SPO2, etc.) communicate with LifeGuard Intuito® via Bluetooth, automatically updating electronic records. Non-Bluetooth devices are also accomodated, negating the need to replace current devices.
Limited up-to-date availability / location of staff makes it hard to cover last minute / emergency staff provision. Office can contact care workers immediately via email, SMS or instant pop-up messaging and can pinpoint nearby workers using a web portal utilising GPS data.
Community Care organisations must provide effective duty of care for workers in the field. Duress button initiates a call to INS LifeGuard's 24/7 Emergency Response Center and care worker's exact location is diplayed on map. Emergency services can be summoned immediately if required.
Government funding often requires accurate reporting of number of visits, time spent and travel for each client. Can be difficult to gather from handwritten attendance records. LifeGuard Intuito® report module produces reports for a specific period, for one client or multiple clients, showing exact attendance data entered manually as well as authentication via GPS.
Printed rosters can be out of date almost immediately as services can and do change frequently. When serivices change, rosters are updated LIVE on the PDA in just minutes. Office can also send email or instant message regarding the changes.
Office staff often print maps and instructions to assist workers in locating clients or provide voice directions over the phone. Care workers can use Google Navigator (with turn by turn embedded) to easily direct them to the clients' homes.
Clinical information delays may affect effectiveness of treatment. Direct reporting from client's home to treating physician via fax or email.