Home Security & Alarm Monitoring

Peace of mind knowing your home, family and business are protected

At INS LifeGuard, we understand home security and employ only the best, proven technology in our Wireless Home Security Package. Our system is one of the most reliable and cost-effective methods for protecting people in the home or office, and provides excellent performance in intruder detection.

As a supplier of quality, wireless home security systems, we specialise in the technologies necessary to protect your home, family and business. While extremely effective, our systems are unobtrusive, easy to use and very affordable. An effective home security and safety system pays for itself as a deterrent and through the peace of mind it offers.

We stand by our products and our customers. Our staff is always eager to answer any of your questions and provide help whenever you need it.

Wireless Self-Installation Home Pack

Our Home Pack includes the HP3 Blue Phone, two Passive Infrared (PIR) Sensors, one Smoke Detector, and one Security Arm/Disarm Pendant. You can add further PIRs, Smoke Detectors or Pendants at any time.

This system does not require monitoring by us, it can be self-monitored. However, we will include three months of free monitoring with your purchase, with no further obligation! (Limited offer, subject to change without notice.)

LifeGuard HP3 Blue Phone

Blue Phone is not just a phone, it’s a state-of-the-art independent living aid with over 100 special features. It can remind you of important tasks and help you stay in contact with the people you need to, even when you can’t reach the phone. It can even monitor the safety of your home.

The Blue Phone will advise the owner of a low-battery condition so there is no need to worry about making periodic battery replacements.

Wireless PIR Security System

Blue Phone is a fully functional security system when Blue Phone Passive Infrared (PIR) Sensors are added. The security system can be switched on and off with a touch of the button on your security pendant. In “Home Mode” the system can also report inactivity, if required. In “Away Mode” the system detects the presence of an intruder and reports it to your nominated contact, or to our Call Centre if you’ve chosen to have INS monitor the system.

Security Arm / Disarm Pendant

It is also possible to use and fit a pendant transmitter to your key ring and use it to arm and disarm the BluePhone’s home security facility.

One pendant will arm / disarm all PIR devices.

Wireless Smoke Detector

This outstanding wireless smoke detector is especially designed to communicate an alarm condition with your Blue Phone. Not only does it emit a local audible alarm but it will also alert family / carers via its wireless communications and the Blue Phone.

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