Choose the components that best suit your needs

  1. 1. The Console Unit

    a. The LifeGuard L-401 Dialler (or RV option)


    Our new L-401 Dialler allows for amazing quality two-way, hands-free voice communication, as well as silent emergency calls with Half Duplex listen-in only for client monitoring function. The L-401RV version works with our new talking transmitter/pendant.

    b. The LifeGuard HP3 Help Phone

    HP3 Help Phone

    Designed to have the appearance of a normal telephone, this unit plugs into an existing telephone socket and operates from normal household power.

  2. 2. A Personal Transmitter

    Personal Transmitters

    Our transmitters are watchlike in appearance - small, inconspicuous,light and easily activated.

    The transmitters can be worn as a pendant or wrist alarm. They are water-resistant and can be worn at all times, even in the shower or when you’re in bed.

  3. Other options can be added as well, including extra transmitters, smoke detectors or infra-red beams (PIRs), and we’ll be happy to discuss those with you.

Personal Monitoring & Alarm Systems

Commonly known as Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS)

A PERS from INS LifeGuard is a TeleCare device that involves three components: a console unit, a small radio transmitter, and monitoring provided by our emergency response centre, which is staffed exclusively by experienced Nurses.

When emergency help is needed, the PERS user simply presses the transmitter’s “Help” button, sending a radio signal to the console. The console unit is activated immediately and automatically sends an alarm through to our emergency response centre. Within seconds one of our experienced Nurses receives the signal and can instantly identify the person and review their medical history. They’ll determine the nature of the emergency and take appropriate action right away.

Whether that means calling a friend, family member or neighbour to assist, or sending emergency services, rest assured knowing help is on the way. Following an event, we track the person for reassurance, even through the health system (if an ambulance was called) until they are back home secure.

LifeGuard service for a loved one

Caring for a family member or friend isn’t an easy thing these days. It can be hard to balance everyday commitments to work and family. You want to be there for your loved ones as much as possible, yet hour after hour of continuous care-giving can lead to exhaustion and may actually put your loved one at risk.

Family members often live far apart, making it more difficult to provide care, and the cost of paying someone to watch your loved one can really add up, even if it’s only for a short time.

Life is unpredictable, and a call for help could be needed at any time. Begin protecting your loved ones and experience the comfort and peace of mind that comes from having an INS LifeGuard service.

LifeGuard service for yourself

Every day, LifeGuard helps thousands of people like you to live more independent, active lives at home. No matter what your health concerns or special needs, you’ll always be in close touch with people who care. For little more than a dollar a day, our professional nursing staff is ready to get you the assistance you need, whenever you need it. So you’re free to go about your daily activities with more confidence and less worry.

LifeGuard also makes it easier and more convenient to stay in touch with others. By pressing your pendant or wrist button while the phone is ringing, you can answer the phone even if it isn’t nearby using the speakerphone function, and hold a normal phone conversation — no more rushing to answer the phone!

More Information

Download the Brochure or Information Pack for further information. These documents are in PDF format so you'll need Adobe Reader to open them.

Right-click on the links below and choose "Save Target As" to download.

INS LifeGuard Brochure

INS LifeGuard Information Pack

Contact Us to learn more about INS LifeGuard for you or a loved one.

  •  Thank you so very much for all your assistance to me in relation to my father. It is a nice feeling to know that if he requires help at any time he can call INS. Your help has been invaluable. I decided to use INS after ringing many companies and the main reason was your wonderful personalised approach. 

    —Rosemary H, Hornsby

  •  I remain a committed advocate of INS. Peace of mind is ours because we can trust that INS will be there when we need it. Not many better gifts available for my wife, family and friends - give me INS. 

    —Clem Dickinson, Burwood East, VIC

  •  INS LifeGuard has enabled our parents (88 & 90 years of age) to enjoy many more years in their own home than was ever expected. We as a family had peace of mind that in a medical emergency the necessary procedures were implemented far quicker than we could co ordinate. 

    —Graeme R, Toongabbie NSW

  •  Your phone and wrist button made me feel safe and secure in my own home when through illness I felt very vulnerable. The fact that I knew I only had to press a button to have someone on the other end talk to me and arrange an ambulance allowed me to stay at home for as long as possible. 

    —Barbara A, Emu Plains NSW

  •  We were extremely impressed by the service and very grateful for your care and support each time we contacted you. We will have no hesitation in recommending your service to other family members and friends. 

    —Kevin H, Toowoomba, QLD

  •  Having the LifeGuard Unit brought a lot of comfort and security to both dad and his family. He knew he would always get a comforting voice in response to pressing his buzzer! 

    —Evelyn P, Wentworthville NSW


Phone scammers have targeted Personal Alarm users by telling them their transmitter/pendant is faulty and can be fixed for a small fee.


The scammers impersonate the monitoring company calling to check on clients' welfare and test the pendant. The caller then tells their victim that the device is faulty but can be fixed for a small fee charged to their credit card. Of course once the card details are provided, far more than a "small fee" is debited. One woman was fleeced of a considerable sum of money.


Please note that INS LifeGuard will never ask you for credit card details over the phone.


If you receive a call by someone who claims they need your credit card details to fix a problem with your unit or pendant, hang up and call INS on 1800 636 226 immediately to report the incident.