INS LifeGuard SmartVillage

Managed Internet and Voice Networks

INS LifeGuard can deliver the latest, feature-rich technologies to make your village a 5-star site. We can lay the infrastructure framework to convert your village to I.P. technology and deliver Voice and Internet services via either current site Copper, CAT or Fibre cabling to the residents' homes; via LifeGuard's M2M 3G SIM services; or now excitingly we can also use our new wireless WiFi technologies within the village.

These managed services also allow easy conversion of current analogue Medical Alarms in the residents' homes to our new I.P. based SmartHome technologies, whilst also offering very cost-effective delivery of managed Voice and Internet services throughout the village. These services are known as LifeGuard SmartVillage.

There are two main technology paths to delivering Medical Alarm technologies.

  • One is Analogue based across PSTN analogue telephone lines. This medium is used extensively around the world for Medical Alarm monitoring. It is cost-effective, simple, resilient and fit for purpose. However, it will require significant policy adjustment, village management resources and cost once the National Broadband Network is deployed to site. For many sites, mission critical equipment such as Medical Alarms may not be compatible with NBN Fibre to the Node installations. LifeGuard SmartVillage managed Internet and Voice services may overcome these issues.

  • The other technology path is to provide a solution based upon our new I.P. based converged SmartVillage technologies which provide maximum flexibility and significant cost savings over time. We can lay the infrastructure foundation for this to occur and use the new medium across our secure managed links to deliver I.P. based Medical Alarm Monitoring, Voice and Internet services to each home, potentially achieving significant savings. INS LifeGuard SmartVillage is also offered on a wholesale basis to Villages who are able to on-sell these services to their residents.

INS LifeGuard SmartVillage - a Solution for the Future

The following is an overview of a solution which can be arrived at leveraging our proposed infrastructure.


For more information, or to receive a detailed proposal specific to your village, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 1800 636 226.