Home Automation & Security

The LifeGuard SmartHome can be used to provide home automation features, e.g. to automatically turn on/off power points and lights, or even to lock or unlock your doors. You can control these features from the device, or the nurse from INS LifeGuard can control them if needed during an emergency (e.g. to unlock your front door to allow emergency services to enter).

The LifeGuard SmartHome can also be connected to monitored Infra-Red Beams (PIRs), thus providing home security by monitoring movement in and around your home. This can provide added peace of mind to help ensure your family and home are safe.

This service can provide peace of mind, helping to ensure your family and home are safe.

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The LifeGuard SmartHome IP Dialler

Infra-Red Beams (PIRs)

Inline Light Controller

Door Strike

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External Strobe Light

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