Mobile Alarm Systems

Take your medical alarm with you wherever you go with our LifeGuard Mobile, SmartTracker or SmartWatch.

Just like your standard pendant or wrist transmitter, pressing the HELP button on these devices sends an alarm to our 24/7 emergency response centre. The built-in GPS locator ensures that in an emergency we’ll be able to locate you, speak to you, and send assistance, even if you are not able to respond to our nurses. Feel safe and assured wherever you go.

LifeGuard Mobile app is available to download for your existing, compatible android phone. conditions apply, call for more information, or click on any item below to view or download the product data sheet.

LifeGuard Mobile

  • Download the App for your existing, compatible smart phone*
  • Pressing HELP on the LifeGuard Mobile sends an alarm to our 24/7 Emergency Response Centre
  • Built-in GPS locator ensures we’ll be able to speak to you, locate you and send assistance – even if you’re not able to respond

* Minimum Android 4.1 with 5″ Screen.

LifeGuard SmartTracker

  • Works using same cellular technology as a mobile phone, but without the complicated features
  • Simply press a button to send an alarm to a nurse in our 24/7 Emergency Response Centre
  • Also functions as a Fall Detector
  • Docking Station for Easy Charging
  • Waterproof IPX6, so it can be safely worn in the shower (but is not submergible in water)

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