Our optional TeleHealth Service assists with monitoring people’s health, particularly those with medical conditions such as diabetes, COPD, chronic heart failure or unstable blood pressure, right in their own home. Vital signs (blood pressure, blood sugar levels, pulse, and various other measurements) can be automatically recorded and sent to a nurse at INS LifeGuard for monitoring. If the readings are of concern, our nurse will action and follow-up with you.

Automatic or Manual Entry of Vital Signs

We can supply Bluetooth capable monitoring devices that can automatically send your vital sign measurements to our monitoring centre. If you prefer to use existing non-Bluetooth capable devices, the results can be manually entered into the LifeGuard SmartHome using the touch-screen. Either way, the results will be monitored by a registered nurse in our emergency response centre.

Registered Nursing Reviews

As part of your TeleHealth Service, you can also receive a monthly review with a registered nurse. To access the nursing review, you’ll schedule an appointment via the LifeGuard SmartHome. At the appointed time, our nurse will initiate an audio/video call. During the review our nurse will discuss with you any health issues, review your previous month’s data, and if required and agreed, forward a report to your medical practitioner.

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All our devices are Bluetooth capable and send your results to the SmartHome IPD automatically. You can also use existing devices you may have, and enter the measurements manually, if you prefer.

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